Around Town: Blue and Green Soirée shakes it up, salt-free

By CAROLINE PHILLIPS, Ottawa Citizen Future chefs and cooks spiced up the night at Algonquin College’s Restaurant International on Thursday by serving entirely salt-free fare to guests of the Blue and Green Soirée, a culinary evening that focuses on creating better restaurant food options for people with chronic kidney disease.... Read More

Diet planning much easier now

Ottawa Community News Healthy eating is a top concern for many Canadians and it’s especially critical for people living with kidney disease. Following the kidney diet can be particularly tough. Why is it so difficult to manage? Potassium is one good reason. On packaged foods, potassium is not one of... Read More

De-salt your life, save your kidneys

Algonquin times Have you ever stopped to think about how much salt is in the food you eat? March was kidney month and Algonquin culinary students took part in a low-sodium awareness event on March 7 at Restaurant International at the college’s Woodroffe campus in support of the Kidney Foundation... Read More